Forza Horizon 3 accidentally gets a 53GB debug update for Windows 10

The first update of the new year for Forza Horizon 3 has not gone quite as planned it seems; the developers accidentally pushing a debug version of the game for PC players, that may even corrupt save files.

The wrong update

The update was launching the new Rockstar car pack; the energy drink company, not to be confused with the game developer Rockstar. The pack was coming with seven brand new cars to race within the game.

As with previously released car packs, the new Rockstar pack was expected to be just a few GBs in size. It was then, quite a surprise when users were downloading 53GB worth of files from the Windows Store. Unless the Rockstar pack was coming with 100 new cars, this looked like a mistake made by Playground Games.

Actually, that was indeed the case here. This massive update was downloading a fully unencrypted developer build of Forza Horizon 3. The developers have already put out a “fix,” releasing the proper update that was coming in the first place.

The fix is, of course, downloading about 50 GB of game files once again – that’s gonna ruin the data cap for a lot of people.

The aftermath

However, there is some bad news in store for anyone who tried playing the debug version before the fix came through. Any save files overwritten while playing the wrong version will be completely unusable in the correct version of the game. Let’s hope that as the update was so large, not many users had the time to download and play the bad build.

The accidental developer build’s version number is .37.2, while the proper version is .35.2. For players who downloaded the wrong version, Playground Games is recommending reinstalling the game completely to avoid more issues. For owners wanting to double check, the version number shows up in the launch screen of Forza Horizon 3.

Additionally, because the update contained a fully unencrypted copy of the game; it is no surprise that fans uncovered details of car packs coming to the game in the future. These include a big selection of Porsche cars and even the classic BMW 507 roadster plus much more.

With a rocky start to the new year, the Forza Horizon 3 developers will have to make sure these kinds of problems won’t happen again.

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