Football season with Microsoft: Bing Predictions, Track with Cortana

Football season starts today, and Microsoft is going to make this season a tiny bit more special.

Four years ago NFL replaced all of their iPads on the sidelines and coach’s booths with Microsoft Surface tablets. Earlier this year in August, Microsoft also announced they would be making available limited special edition NFL Type Covers representing all 32 teams. Clearly, the football season means something special to Microsoft.

Microsoft Surface NFL Seahawks Type Cover

Bing predictions

This year we are going to get a few more things,  all of the NFL schedules is only a search away on Bing. However, it doesn’t just show the schedule – you will notice that Bing also attempts to predict which team has a higher chance of winning. What a time to be alive!

The NFL Type Covers

Those type covers promised in August earlier this year have arrived – and they are beautiful. The Type Covers cost 159$ each – so they don’t come cheap, but they do give you a chance to show support for your team.

They are now available at select Microsoft Stores, and online at the Microsoft Store. All you have to do is select your team!

Cortana will track scores for you

Not everyone has the time or wants to go through the effort to follow our favorite team through every match. These are the moments where having an assistant can be very handy. Unfortunately, not every one of us can afford an assistant either – except Cortana will be that assistant for you.

Simply add the teams you love and follow into Cortana’s Notebook, and she will follow the teams for you and update you with all the match scores information and schedules!

The Outlook

Of course, sometimes you just want to take a look at the busy schedule at a glance – and match it up with your own busy schedule, to perhaps find time to watch a match. For this, we have the Interesting Calendars feature that was added to Outlook in August this year.

All you have to do is add your favorite team’s calendars to your Outlook calendars and enjoy the games.

Microsoft seems to be fully geared up to help you the most through this NFL season, with extremely useful features such as the Outlook calendars, to the Type Covers that simply let you show your support for your favorite team.


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