How to fix Windows 10 Store error code 0x80072ee7

The Windows 10 Store error code 0x80072ee7 is something that bugs almost everyone running Windows 10. I download a lot of apps through the store and I run into this error when I am on a shaky network. Yes, there are other reasons why this error might pop-up and in this post, we will look at the solutions that will help you fix Windows 10 Store error code 0x80072ee7.

Solution #1: Make sure your network is stable

As mentioned, this error mostly interrupts the Windows Store when you are on an unstable internet connection. You can check your internet connection to see if it is working correctly or not. In case it is a network issue, you will have to fix the network issue or wait until your ISP fixes it. In the meantime, you can keep trying again to access the Windows Store and it might just work.

Solution #2: Delete Contents of SoftwareDistribution folder

Sometimes incomplete or corrupted content of the SoftwareDistribution folder might also cause this problem. In this case, you can just delete the contents of the folder and the error will go away in no time. In order to delete the contents, just browse to C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution in Explorer and just delete everything in the folder. You shouldn’t usually delete the contents of the folder but it is recommended when you are facing issues.

Try accessing the Windows Store again after deleting the contents of the folder and see if it works. If it doesn’t, then move on to the next solution.

Solution #3: Check Windows Firewall Settings

Check if Windows Firewall is blocking the connection. This is a very common issue and we might miss checking Windows Firewall but most of the time checking it and having a look at the settings might tell us the root of the problem.

You can turn the Firewall off for a while and see if Windows Store works fine or not. If somehow the Firewall is causing the issue, you can click on the Restore Defaults option in order to reset the Windows Firewall settings. This will fix the problem.

Solution #4: Disable any third party PC security software

Third part security systems like Internet Security suites tend to interfere with the way apps interact with the internet. While they only provide protection, they may cause some issues related to networks sometimes.

If you have any third party security suite installed on your Windows 10 PC, just disable it for a while and see if the Windows 10 Store works. If it works, you now know what is causing the issue and you can add an exception in the security suite so the Windows Store works normally.

Solution #5: Run the Windows Update Diagnostic Tool

Download the Windows Update Diagnostic Tool from this link and run the tool. The tool will detect any update related problems that your Windows 10 system might be having and it will also fix the issues for you.

This was a small tutorial that will help you in getting rid of the error code 0x80072ee7 while accessing the Windows Store on your Windows 10 PC. The issue is mostly related to network so keep in mind that unless you are on a stable network, you won’t face this issue.

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