Fix System Thread Exception Not Handled Error in windows 10

The System Thread Exception Not Handled error is a very common problem that people who have the wrong drivers installed on Windows face. This error mostly appears when you are starting up Windows or in between your work.

Not only is it very inconvenient, but it can also harm your computer in a long run. The solution of this error is very easy, but first, you have to point down the causes. In this post, I will list the solutions that you can try to fix this error. Let’s get started.

Solutions For System Thread Exception Not Handled on Windows 10

Solution #1: Find the faulty driver

Faulty drivers are one of the main reasons why people face this error. We are going to use a program that is called WhoCrashed to fix the problems.

  • Download and install WhoCrashed from the link that I have mentioned above.
  • Now run the utility and WhoCrashed will analyze the reason why the last crash happened on your Windows 10 PC.
  • A crash dump that is analyzed by WhoCrashed should look like this:
crash dump system thread exception
  • As you can see in the dump above, the crash was caused by atikmdag.sys which is a driver file for AMD based graphics cards.
  • Now we need to replace this driver with an updated one and to do that; we need to archive this old driver.
  • You can see the location of the driver is C:\Windows\system32\drivers\.
  • Browse to that location and then rename the file from atikmdag.sys to atikmdag.old.
  • Now reboot your Windows 10 system and reinstall the updated drivers for your AMD peripheral.

We have just used AMD as an example. The same problem can happen with any driver, and this is just what WhoCrashed will show you. You need to do a bit of a searching on your part as well. Let’s say a driver named randomdriver.sys was the problem here. You can look up the term “randomdriver.sys” on a search engine and that will tell you which driver file this is.

Solution #2: Update your drivers

As mentioned, the drivers can be a big reason of why this error annoys you. If you want to eliminate this error altogether, it is a good idea to properly update your computer. Windows 10 has the ability to download the drivers for your computer parts automatically but sometimes it can install the wrong drivers that might cause the problem.

In that case, it is a good idea to install the drivers manually. We can also use a utility like Driver Booster that will scan your PC and then automatically download the correct drivers for your PC parts.

But if you want to update the drivers manually, then the steps are listed below.

  • Press Windows Button + R simultaneously and Windows Run will pop up.

  • Now enter “devmgmt.msc” into the Run dialogue and press ENTER.
  • Device Manager will open up and from here you can choose to update your drivers.

  • Right click on the component whose driver you want to update and then click the Update Driver Software option.
  • On the next step choose, Search Automatically and the wizard will start looking for the driver online.
  • Your component will be updated with the latest driver using this method.

After trying the above methods, you shouldn’t face the System Thread Exception Not Handled error on your Windows 10 system. If you still face the same, then it might be a hardware issue and you should check for the faulty hardware. Hope this article was helpful.

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