Fix: Blank Start Menu Tiles In Windows 10

Start menu Tile is a type of shortcut of your favorite or most used apps on Windows 10 Start Menu. This feature helps to open the app easily without going to All Apps option. Most of the app are displayed with names on Start Menu by default and some have live feature due to which these tiles gets refreshed and display the latest content on the tile. This feature is helpful as it displays live information which helps the user to identify what is inside the tile.

But as usual, every good thing have a bad side similarly these tiles also have some issues which interrupt the user in checking the real time information. Blank Tiles displayed on Start Menu is one of the issues with these tiles.


Even lots of Windows 10 users also reporting that live tiles showing blank tiles in their start menu. Blank Tiles are the uninformative tile which doesn’t show any information regarding the app and are useless to us.

To fix this issue we decided to cover an article with all possible ways to fix the Start menu blank tiles issue.

Restart the Windows Explorer (One Method)

1. Open Task Manager. For that, click on the Start menu search bar beside the Start button and type Task Manager. Once Task Manager appears in the search results click to launch it.

Alternatively, you can simply make right click on the Start button and from the list of options click on the Task Manager or Ctrl+Shift+Esc keys to launch it quickly.

2. In the task manager, under Processes section scroll down until you find the Windows Explorer application. Make a right click on it and from the context menu make click on Restart.


Alternatively, you can click to select Windows Explorer and to restart click on the Restart button at the bottom of the Window.

3. Once you Restart the Windows Explorer it will also restart the Start menu.

By following above method, you can fix the blank tiles issue of Windows 10 Start menu. In case, the above method didn’t work for you, then follow the upcoming method.

Use the Official Start Menu Troubleshooter            

Microsoft has also released the Official Start Menu Repair tool (Troubleshooter) to repair or fix issues related to Windows 10 Start menu like blank tiles.


Simply Download Official Start Menu Troubleshooter from Microsoft site, Run the troubleshooter and follow the instruction to fix this issue. This Troubleshooter can be used to fix all the issues related to Start Menu either of the improper opening of Start Menu or improper working of the Start Menu.

Unpin and re-pin the App Tile to Start Menu

If both the above solutions don’t work then you can unpin and re-pin the Start menu tiles to fix the blank tile issue. You can do this by following the below steps

1. Click on Start Button and right click on the blank tile which you want to unpin.

2. You will see Unpin from Start option, Simply click on this option and the blank tile will be removed from the Start Menu.


3. To pin the app tile again, Click on Start Menu and then right click on the app you want to pin.

4. Click on Pin to Start option and that app will get added as a tile to Start Menu.


This method will surely fix your issue of blank tiles on Start Menu

That’s it!

So these are some of the possible ways to Fix blank Start menu titles in Windows 10. We guarantee you that one of the above-discussed methods will definitely work for you and fix the blank tile issue in the Start menu.

In case, if you have any other idea to get rid of this blank tile issue then you can surely share it with us. Also if you have any query or find any difficulty while fixing this issue then also share in comments section. We would love to assist you.

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