Firewatch comes out on the Xbox One today, delayed Europe launch

Firewatch is a unique game – it takes players on a mysterious journey in the woody woodlands of Wyoming. The developers would describe it as a psychological thriller – if it was a movie.

Firewatch on the Xbox One

Game designers have been trying to bring a “cinematic” vibe to games since decades – The 7th Guest came out in 1993 trying to achieve just that. Hideo Kojima is loved and adored by the gaming community for his approach in the Metal Gear Solid series. Chris Roberts who is now working on Star Citizen also tried to achieve a seamless cinematic experience with Wing Commander.

The point is, it is something that has been on the minds of game designers for a few decades – but nobody has been able to perfect it. Firewatch isn’t perfect either, but it does do a few unique things that progress the genre as a whole.

Firewatch attempts to let the players have control over the story. There is a narration, and a set of events that the players go through – it is not, however, dragging the player along or forcing the player to make choices that they don’t want to.

What’s in the Xbox version

Firewatch came out on PC & PS4 back in February this year, and while the Xbox One version has everything the PC & PS4 versions do – it does come with a new mode.

The Xbox One version has a free-roam mode, which will let players roam around the beautiful world set in Wyoming freely. This mode will be available on the Xbox One version from day one, and will come to PC & PS4 “in the coming weeks.”

Availability & Pricing

The game is releasing at a price of 20$ – pretty standard for an indie game. There is, however, one problem regarding availability.

Campo Santo – the developers of Firewatch – claim that the European version faced a few regulatory issues, and so it will be a little delayed. So here’s when it’s coming out for you.

United States, Mexico, Canada, Russia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia or Argentina: The game is out, and is available for purchase.

Europe: The game is a bit delayed, and will be coming out on September 30th.

Australia, New Zealand: Campo Santo expects the game to be available in Australia & New Zealand one week after Europe.

While these delays are unfortunate, not much can be done about them. Let’s just hope there are no further delays and players can enjoy a great narrative on the Xbox One.

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