Firaxis introduces Austrailia to Civilization VI along with official modding tools

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI is getting a brand new civilization that’s completely new to the series. Coming as DLC, players can get access to Austrailia that’s arriving alongside a hefty free update to the game.

John Curtin, the 14th Prime Minister of Austrailia, is leading the new civilization with his leader bonus – Citadel of Civilization. This bonus doubles production of Austrailia’s cities if another civilization declares war on them or when they liberate a city.

The Land Down Under unique ability of Austrailia gives its coastal cities a variety of bonuses. Namely receiving extra housing, along with bigger yields from districts and other improvements in these coastal cities.

Moreover, the new unique unit – Digger – is replacing the game’s default Infantry unit, that receives extra combat prowess next to water tiles or when fighting outside their own borders. Lastly, Austrailia’s – Outback Station – unique improvement provides extra food for every pasture adjacent to it, along with bonus production.

The Austrailia civilization DLC also contains the new multiplayer scenario Outback Tycoon. Other than its name, no other information about this scenario has come out from the developers.

What’s coming in the free update

Firaxis isn’t going to stop with just the DLC however, as a new update is also coming to Civilization VI. This update contains a multitude of features that fans have been requesting since the game’s launch in October last year.

First up are the official Civilization VI modding tools arriving with the update. Although some players have already found other ways to mod the game without official modding tools, their release will make the task much easier to accomplish as well as provide the means to build more intricate mods than before.

As for finding and installing these new mods, Firaxis is also bringing full Steam Workshop integration with the free update. Letting players install whatever mod they may want to their game with a single click.

Additionally, multiplayer teams will, at last, be available for players, essentially allowing them to play co-op campaigns. Interestingly, this functionality was missing at release, even though the game’s store page said otherwise.

Both the DLC and the update has no release date just yet other than a “soon” message from Firaxis, however, to show off their new Austrailian Civilization in action, the developers will have a live stream on their official Twitch channel at 11 AM PST on 22nd of February, so be sure to tune in.

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