How to find and Download NVIDIA drivers for Windows 10

Installing drivers on Windows 10 works like a breeze and it is very easy. Most of it is easy because it is automatic but for most components. But then, any system isn’t 100% perfect, right? This is why Windows 10 might miss out on some drivers and you might have to install these drivers manually.

You can do that using different methods. This mostly happens for devices that are either older or very new, as Windows 10’s driver database only updates when Microsoft updates it.

This happened to me for my NVIDIA GPU and I couldn’t figure out why Windows 10 was not able to install the driver for my GTX 970 automatically. I had to install the driver manually and it was quite easy, to be honest. Here’s a post about downloading and installing NVIDIA drivers on Windows 10 manually. Let’s get started with the tutorial.

Solution #1: Installing drivers using Device Manager & Windows Update

The process to install drivers for your NVIDIA GPU using this method is easy. Just follow the steps given below and you will have your driver installed in no time.

  • First, you need to open Device Manager and to do that, just press the Windows key + R on your keyboard together.
  • You will see that this key combination has opened the Windows Run dialog.
  • Now enter “devmgmt.msc” into the Run dialog without the quotes and press ENTER on your keyboard.
  • This will instantly open the Device Manager where you will see all the components on your PC.
  • Just browse to Display adapters > NVIDIA display card.
  • Now you can see your GPU and all you have to do here is right click on the display adapter and choose “Update Driver Software“.
  • A new window will pop up and you have to click on “Search automatically for updated driver software”.
  • Just sit back and wait while Windows 10 automatically searches for the correct drivers for your NVIDIA GPU.

This is the method that you can use to automatically download and install drivers for NVIDIA on Windows 10 using Windows Update.

Solution #2: Downloading manually from NVIDIA’s website

This solution works when you know which GPU you have. You can just go to the NVIDIA’s drivers page on their website and download the drivers for your GPU. All you need to do here is visit the Drivers page on NVIDIA’s website

After entering your GPU model and choosing the language, just click the Search button and you will have a download link to your GPU driver in no time. Just download and install the required Nvidia drivers from the link and you’ll be good to go.

Solution #3: Using GeForce Experience

NVIDIA has its own GeForce Experience program for Windows 10 that has a number of tools like ShadowPlay and more. You can even use it to update your GPU driver to the latest version. Just download GeForce Experience and install it.

Open the GeForce Experience program after installing it and head over to the Drivers tab. Click on the Download button on this page and this will download the latest driver for your GPU. But keep in mind that GeForce Experience is a solution for newer GPUs from NVIDIA and it might not work if you have an old GPU. You can still download the drivers from the website using the solution 2.

So, this is it. You can download and install drivers for your NVIDIA GPU for Windows 10 easily using these methods. It was quite easy, right?

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