Uber will give you a free copy of FIFA 17 for Xbox One, but only if you are lucky enough

In an odd promotion, Uber will be giving away a copy of FIFA 17 to anyone who can get an Uber with a particular promotional code.

FIFA 17 is already out now in North America and comes out on 29th for the rest of the world. Uber doesn’t care, however, and is giving away copies of FIFA 17 across the world.

The promotion runs from 26th to 27th of September, except Jeddah and Riyadh where it will be only on 29th. All the riders have to do is get an Uber with a promotional code for their city.

That’s not it – you might get to meet some players from your hometown if you get lucky. It sure is a gamble, but it might be worth it.

For those who do not get FIFA 17 – Uber might give away other EA Sports titles such as Madden NFL 17 or NHL 17 for Xbox One. Maybe even a brand new Xbox One S too.

All the riders have to do is use one of these codes for their city:

Amsterdam, 26th-27th: GAMEONNL

Berlin, 26th-27th: GAMEONDE

Bogota, 27th: GAMEONCO

Boston, 26th-27th: GAMEONUSA

Buenos Aires, 26th-27th: GAMEONAR

Cape Town, 26th-27th: GAMEONZA

Chicago, 26th-27th: GAMEONUSA

Columbus, 26th-27th: GAMEONUSA

Copenhagen, 26th-27th: GAMEONDK

Dallas, 26th-27th: GAMEONUSA

Denver, 26th-27th: GAMEONUSA

Dubai, 27th: GAMEONAE

Geneva, 27th: GAMEONCH

Guadalajara, 26th-27th: GAMEONMX

Helsinki, 26th-27th: GAMEONFI

Houston, 26th-27th: GAMEONUSA

Jeddah, 29th: GAMEONSA

Johannesburg, 26th-27th: GAMEONZA

London, 27th: GAMEONUK

Los Angeles, 26th-27th: GAMEONUSA

Lyon, 26th-27th: GAMEONFR

Madrid, 27th: GAMEONES

Manchester, 27th: GAMEONUK

Marseille, 26th-27th: GAMEONFR

Mexico City, 26th-27th: GAMEONMX

Miami, 26th-27th: GAMEONUSA

Monterrey, 26th-27th: GAMEONMX

Munich, 26th-27th: GAMEONDE

New York, 26th-27th: GAMEONUSA

Oslo, 27th: GAMEONNO

Paris, 26th-27th: GAMEONFR

Philadelphia, 26th-27th: GAMEONUSA

Portland, 26th-27th: GAMEONUSA

Riyadh, 29th: GAMEONSA

Seattle, 26th-27th: GAMEONUSA

Seoul, 27th: GAMEONKR

Singapore, 27th: GAMEONSG

Sydney, 27th: GAMEONAU

Vienna, 26th-27th: GAMEONAT

Washington DC, 26th-27th: GAMEONUSA

Once you apply the promo code, you will be able to see a new tier for the Uber called “Game On.” Just select this tier, and if a car is available – you will be getting your surprise in a few minutes.

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