FIFA 17 now available on Xbox One & PC for EA Access/Origin Access

FIFA 17 is finally coming out in just a few days after a long wait. This year, it brings us an engine overhaul as it now uses DICE’s Frostbite engine, with a new Journey mode and a few other things.


FIFA is a yearly franchise – it is not used to seeing a lot of change in every release, but this year it brings some special changes. FIFA 17 now uses EA’s Frostbite engine – which means higher¬†fidelity, better graphics and just overall higher performance. The Frostbite engine has been worked upon by DICE for years and has proven itself to be worthy of all the money EA has poured into it.

Beside the technical changes, FIFA 17 also comes with a new mode – Journey. The Journey mode takes you on a journey as Alex Hunter, Premier League’s next rising star as EA likes to describe him. It is essentially a story mode, which is pretty new to FIFA. The new trailer showcases some of it below.

Early access for EA Access & Origin Access subscribers

This is where things can get a little complicated. The EA Access for Xbox and Origin Access for PC programs are basically like a Netflix subscription for games – only EA games. You pay a reasonable monthly fee and get access to a large catalogue of games.

Both subscriptions also come with a few perks – such as early access to upcoming games. You still have to buy the game, but if you do and also happen to subscribe to one of the services, you will get to play the game before anybody else does.

So this is how the release dates go:

If you own FIFA 17 and subscribe to EA Access or Origin Access: The game is out, play now!

If you own FIFA 17 and are in North America: The game is coming out on September 27th! Not a long wait!

If you own FIFA 17 and live outside of North America: The game is coming out on September 29th. Why is it delayed? Corporate stuff.

Until it is released, you can still try out the free demo which was released a week ago. The demo also gives you a peek at the Journey mode.

It is not the best thing to see delayed release dates for regions – especially in today’s world where everything can be delivered instantly over the internet. Still, that is how it is with EA.

If you do end up having the urge to subscribe to EA Access or Origin Access, the details are right here.

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