FIFA 17 Companion App now out for Windows Phone, iOS, and Android

The FIFA 17 release is just around the corner and in its anticipation, EA has released the companion app to go along with it.

FIFA 17 Companion App

The app supports both Windows 10 Mobile and Windows Phone devices and works with any version of FIFA 17 – which is quite a long list – Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC.

What the app is for

The app can do everything the main game can – minus playing the actual game. You can do the new ‘Squad Building Challenges’ which let you build a squad, then trade its Players for rewards such as SBC Players, Coins, Packs and more.

Since you have to log in with your EA account on the companion app – everything is synced between the app and the game on your console; you can build your squad, and finish the challenges on your console.

The app also comes with the full ‘Transfer Market’ and lets you bid on new Players, Consumables, and whatever else you need to build your ‘Ultimate Team.’

You can even manage your Squad and Club – you can make formations, decide what players you want on the team, deal with the managers and much more.

It also has access to the full-fledged store, where you can buy anything and everything with Coins and FIFA Points. You can also be there when FIFA decides to do a lightning round.


To use the companion app, you will have to go through some hoops on your game at the console or PC. First off; you need an FUT Club, so open the FIFA Ultimate Team mode and make one.

After this, you will have to set up a security question and answer for the Club. Once that is done, you can log in with your EA account on the companion app.

The companion app is available right now on the Windows Store, iOS AppStore, and Android’s Play Store. In a long list of languages as well: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch and Brazilian Portuguese.

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