The Fall of Oriath expansion announced for Path of Exile

The Path of Exile 3.0 expansion – The Fall of Oriath – is adding a whole host of new acts for players. The developers are effectively doubling the game’s content by adding six new acts, all for the low price of free.

Previously, reaching the endgame meant that players had to replay the game’s four acts two more times on higher difficulties. Now, Grinding Gear Games is adding six more acts to reach the endgame without having to replay the same content.

This means the complete removal of the ‘Cruel and Merciless’ difficulty modes from the game, making way for the brand new acts to continue the storyline while gradually increasing the difficulty when progressing through them.

The Fall of Oriath Expansion

The new fifth act will have players returning to Oriath, the original island that the Templars exiled the player from at the beginning of the game. Due to unforeseen repercussions of player actions in previous acts, Oriath is in chaos with a slave revolt on its hands. Players will finally put an end to the Templars in this act, but realize the battles are far from over.

The acts six through ten have players going through the same regions as the previous acts but with a twist.

What sets these new acts apart from the old replaying system that we mentioned previously is the fact that, all the old areas are now drastically different because of the amount of time that has passed since the player’s last run through the same areas in act one through five; leading to new enemies, bosses, environments and even getting entry to areas that players could not access before.

Thanks to some other events put in motion by the player, the gods are returning to power in these regions as well. Obviously, their godly powers are much more useful in our character’s hands than these returning gods.

Using Path of Exile’s new Pantheon system, after defeating a god, players may choose a power from the fallen foe. As the player defeats more gods, they get more godly powers to choose from, using a new swapping system.


All this and a hell of a lot more content is approaching us with the new Fall of Oriath expansion, completely free for all players, just as the main game. Although Grinding Gear Games has not revealed the exact release date for the expansion, it’s arriving midway through 2017.

Lastly, keep in mind that Path of Exile is also coming to the Xbox One console later this year. Furthermore, the developers have already confirmed that the game will include the new expansion at release on the console.

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