f.lux might be coming to the Windows Store

Microsoft has been working on the Desktop Bridge since more than a year – codenamed Project Centennial, the tool is built to convert regular Win32 apps to the new and modern AppX packages. Once they have been converted, they can then be distributed via the Windows Store.

f.lux app

Thanks to the Windows Insiders, we know already that the upcoming Windows 10 Update 2 is going to have a feature called ‘Blue Light.’ It is supposedly going to do the same thing that f.lux is known for – adjust your display according to the time of day, to reduce eye strain.

With the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, Microsoft started allowing third-party developers onto the Windows Store, with converted Win32 apps. Evernote, join.me, Arduino IDE are just some of the latest to come.

Now it seems the developers of f.lux might be considering releasing their app on the Windows Store as well. Miguel Costa – a user of f.lux – emailed Michael Herf, President of f.lux Software – and got a reply.

f.lux Email

In the email, Herf confirms that f.lux is looking into bringing the f.lux app to Windows Store.

Now let’s get this straight; this means the possibility of bringing f.lux to the Windows Store is being actively looked into. It, however, is not a confirmation that it is indeed coming to the Windows Store.

Still, there is nothing stopping f.lux from getting on the Windows Store – the Desktop Bridge will take care of everything. This is an extraordinary period for Microsoft – and bringing more applications to the Windows Store will decide whether it becomes mainstream or not.


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