Enpass password manager adds Cortana integration in the latest update

The popular offline cross-platform password manager, Enpass, has today updated its Windows 10 app with a few new features – the major one being full Cortana support.

The Enpass app has had an excellent Windows 10 UWP app for Windows 10 on PC’s as well as Windows 10 Mobile for a while; despite being a cross-platform service, the developers have treated all of the platforms well.

Enpass for Windows 10 Mobile

It is then, no surprise, that Enpass now integrates features like Cortana into their app.

The new Cortana integration works in two simple ways: you can ask Cortana to open Enpass by simply saying ‘Open Enpass,’ or you can ask Cortana to find information about a particular website by saying something like ‘Find Amazon on Enpass.’

These commands work on Windows 10 everywhere – mobile and PC – but you would still require your master password for authentication – unless you have a PC with support for Windows Hello.

Enpass added support for Windows Hello authentication with version 5.2.1, so you can log into the app without typing in your master password.

The update also adds something that sounds obvious for a password manager but surprisingly wasn’t built into the app from the get-go: selective field sharing.

You can now manually choose the fields while sharing an item – want to share your Credit Card issue date but not the expiry? You can do that now.


With Windows Hello and Cortana support, Enpass is probably the best Windows 10 password manager out there – do give it a try, if you like the sound of these features.

The app is available via the Windows Store, and the update is rolling out to existing users. It does cost $10, though.

You can read the full changelog for the version and previous versions over here; you can also have a look at a few minor bug fixes that this update brings.

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