Enpass adds Quick PIN, automatic backups, and more with latest update

Just a couple of weeks ago, the team at Enpass added some fancy features to their Windows UWP app; things like Cortana integration are not expected from a password manager, but Enpass was thinking out of the box.

Today’s update is not for the UWP app, but the Win32 desktop app for Windows; version gets a bump to 5.4; the features introduced, however, seem normal in the sense that – the update is not adding Cortana integration to a password manager.

While the update adds some essential features that would make you question why it took five versions to get here; it also adds some features that were present in the UWP app, but not in the Win32 one – a rarity.

There’s quite a lot new, so here it is as cleanly as we could put it:

Quick PIN – You know how it can be quite difficult to remember a long ‘master password’ for your password managers – it’s supposed to be the last password you have to remember; it’s a pain, and an easy fix is a four-digit PIN number.

Sure, it’s a slight compromise on security, but it’s less of a pain as well. The Enpass desktop app now supports Quick PINs; but they only work if the app is already running in the background – else, the master password is still required.

Automatic Backups – Enpass is unlike services like LastPass; Enpass stores all of its information locally – on the devices it’s installed on – nothing ever gets uploaded. Thankfully, users have the option to manually upload this encrypted database to their favorite cloud storage service.

The keyword here is ‘manually’; today’s update makes it automatic. The feature will automatically backup the database whenever a change is made, and even create a list of backups allowing you to restore to a previous one.

CSV/DSV Import – If you have your data stored or exported into a comma-separate-file or any other generic delimiter-separate-file, you can now import it into Enpass.

It’s not as easy as it sounds; Enpass has made a guide to walk users through the process. However complicated it may be, it’s still nice to have something like it.

Selective Field Sharing – This feature was added to the UWP app a mere two weeks ago; today it comes to Win32.

Enpass now lets users select specific fields from a form; for example, you can share your bank details but exclude all of the other (obviously) sensitive information like username and password.

Subset Filling – You know when a website randomly asks you to fill up the fourth character from your password or the last three digits of your phone number? Enpass can now fill that up for you.

Apart from all of these features, there’s also the addition of subfolders for better organization of your sensitive data. Additionally, you can now live on the edge by enabling notifications when new beta builds are released into the wild.

You can read the entire changelog with all of the miscellaneous bug fixes and random improvements over here.


Since Enpass for Desktop for Windows isn’t in a store, the software should simply patch itself as soon as it gets wind of a new update.

If you would like to try Enpass for Desktop, here’s where you download it. If you would rather use the UWP app, it’s available in the Windows Store for the price of $5 – down from its usual $10 – until the 2nd of January.

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