Elite Dangerous gets its first Alien encounter, say hello to Thargoids

After a long search spanning years, fans of Elite Dangerous have finally encountered aliens. The spooky reveal of the Thargoids is sure to mark the beginning of something big in the Elite Dangerous universe.

The Aliens are here

Finding aliens in the game has been a goal of Elite Dangerous players ever since its release back in 2014. The developer Frontier has hinted plenty of times of their existence, even putting crashed alien ships for players to find. This interstellar treasure hunt taking players all over the galaxy following rumors, alien barnacles, and some singing probes has finally come to an end.

The honor of finding this massive discovery goes to the Elite Dangerous player – DP Sayre. Who after seeing the alien ship while playing on his Xbox One, immediately uploaded the footage to Xbox DVR.

Although with many fearing this being another hoax, as there have been fake encounters floating around in the past; the official Elite Dangerous Twitter account confirmed our new alien pals to be quite legit by tweeting out the footage.

The video shows the player’s ship getting taken out of hyperspace, which has previously been impossible to perform in-game. Followed by losing power to all ship systems, completely immobilizing all weapons and engines and finally seeing the alien ship. Thankfully, these Thargoid ships that more players are encountering the same way are only scanning the human ships for now.

A hint of what’s to come

The Thargoid were an extremely hostile alien race from the original 1984 space game – Elite. Just as we see from the newer game, Thargoids were capable of pulling players out of hyperdrive to attack them.

With many players calling Elite Dangerous the “Euro Truck Simulator of space,” adding some aliens is sure to shake things up a bit when they start turning hostile. Although it is not clear yet if the aliens will come in an expansion pack or a free update, we can’t deny Frontier absolutely nailed the entrance of the Thargoids into the universe of Elite Dangerous.

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