Elder Scrolls Online to be free for Xbox Live Gold members this week

Elder Scrolls Online – the MMO by Bethesda set in the fantastical world of Tamriel, will be free to play starting from 23rd of November 12:01 AM EST, until 27th of November 11:59 PM EST.

Though, the free-to-play week is only available to Xbox Live Gold members; the players will have access to the full game  and even get 500 crowns – the in-game currency – to spend on whatever they like at the Crown Store.

Elder Scrolls Online

Elder Scrolls Online is set about a 1,000 years before the events of the latest Elder Scrolls game – Skyrim; with three alliances struggling to maintain supremacy over the lands of Tamriel, darker forces are playing their moves in the shadows, plotting the destruction of the world. A plot that apparently didn’t succeed – otherwise Skyrim wouldn’t exist, 1,000 years later.

Microsoft is also offering a special discount for the Xbox Live Gold members if they decide to purchase the game after trying it out in the free week.

Gamerscore and achievements earned during the free weekend will be permanently added to the player profiles, and any save game data will also be carried on if you do decide to purchase the game – either now, or a few years from now.

The Catch

There’s one tiny problem, though: the game is 80 GB, and Microsoft isn’t offering a preload – if you have a slow internet connection, you will most likely spend most of the day on 23rd downloading the game, rather than playing it.


The game is available for purchase via the Xbox Store – which is where you will also find the free weekend when it starts.

Do note: as mentioned, the game is 80 GB – you will require enough space on your hard disk to download the game, so make sure you have that before you attempt to install it.

You can read more about the free weekend at Xbox’s official blog.

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