Dying Light announces its second Zombiefest event

It’s not only blocky realms and World Wars that get into the holiday spirit this year. Developer Techland’s zombie game Dying Light is getting an exclusive event this week.

Named Zombiefest #2, the event will be modifying a suspenseful game mode already included in the game along with some rewards.

Dying Light

Released in the past year when the zombie genre was getting quite stale; Dying Light brought a much-needed breath of fresh (rotten?) air to the market.

What sets Dying Light apart from other first-person zombie games is the parkour system. Allowing players to avoid the infested streets if needed entirely and cross cities within minutes.

Relevant to today’s update is the “Be a Zombie” game mode. This mode, of course, allows players to invade other player’s play sessions as a highly mobile mutated zombie.

Tasked with killing the survivors, the player controlled zombie has various abilities to hunt players; a howl that pinpoints other players, a spitting attack of multiple flavors and more.

The Survivor players are not completely defenseless, however. As all zombies in the game, even the special ones are vulnerable to UV light and gunfire.


The holiday event will throw a wrench into all that, however. From here on, Be a Zombie mode is getting harder with a bunch of changes to both parties.

Firstly, Survivors will get a fewer amount of flares, UV blocks and heals to use. While the Zombie player will lose the howl, tackle and spit abilities.

Also, a global kill counter will be set up on the official website, letting players track which side is winning – Hunters or the Survivors.

Lastly, all players who take part in the event will get a gold-tier weapon, plus a special rank.


The second Zombiefest event will be starting later today for all versions of the game for free.

If you don’t own the game yet, Dying Light is available on Steam, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. In addition, Dying Light is discounted by 60% on Steam for the Winter Sale.

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