The Dutch National Museum of Antiquities might soon use HoloLens for exhibits

Microsoft’s HoloLens have found its place in a lot of places you wouldn’t expect it to be – The Dutch National Museum of Antiquities, is a place you should probably be expecting it – after all, museums tend to be extravagant about their exhibits.

That’s not a bad thing at all – history is an integral part of our culture, remembering those who came before us helps us learn from the past and inspire us to build a better future.

In an interview with VoA, Annelies Maltha – a researcher from the Delft University of Technology – revealed that 80 percent of the artifacts and other valuables at the museum cannot be put in an exhibit because the museum lacks space for them. The researchers were hired by the museum to help with this exact problem – they wanted to show more, with less space.

This is where HoloLens comes in; HoloLens will put visitors in augmented reality, so “people can virtually visit the exhibit and see so much more,” as Maltha describes it.

Augmented reality is important, in this case; a museum is crafted till its last speck to immerse visitors with the history it has on offer – simply being at a place such as this creates memories and experiences you wouldn’t want to forget.

A virtual reality tour wouldn’t be bad if you could have one from your home – but being physically at the museum, you want to be in the moment, and augmented reality gives just that.

When can we see this?

The team of researchers from the Delft University of Technology is still working on the project; if successful, the museum will incorporate it to show exhibits, animations, movies, and a lot more.

It’s clear; Microsoft has a hit on their hands with HoloLens – now if only it could get a bit cheaper.


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