Dropbox updates its Windows 10 app, now supports Xbox One

The Universal Windows Platform – or UWP, for short – has turned into Microsoft’s go-to app development framework for everything 1st-party; almost every new application from Microsoft is being built in UWP, while the old ones are being ported.

There’s even a UWP file explorer in the works; the confidence that Microsoft is displaying in its UWP platform is reassuring for 3rd party developers as well – that’s why many of them have also (finally) started adopting the platform.

The latest one to join that list is Dropbox; while Dropbox has had a UWP app available for Windows 10 PC, and Mobile – it was missing one for the Xbox One.

Today, Dropbox updated its app to add support for Xbox One, completing the ecosystem – the Dropbox app is now available on all Windows 10 devices, except Windows Holographic, which should be the next one the folks at Dropbox work on.

The Update

The update isn’t just about bringing Dropbox to Xbox One – it’s about bringing the Dropbox experience to the TV.

The new update also updates the app’s existing UI and adapts it for the TV screen – something crucial, if you are going to bring your app to a game console. Another thing that’s crucial is support for the Xbox One controller – the app now supports the controller on all platforms, including Windows 10 on PC.


As always, the update is rolling out at its pace – if you haven’t received it, just be patient.

If you are on the Xbox One, however, then you should probably be able to see the app in the store – here’s the link.

Dropbox is a great alternative to OneDrive, which already has an app on the Xbox One; the Dropbox app will even let you stream video content from the cloud, so you don’t have to worry about copying or downloading files at all.

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