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Dropbox redesigns its UWP app for Windows 10 and Xbox One

Just last week, the folks at Dropbox dropped an update for the Dropbox app on Windows Store, and added support for Xbox One; the Xbox One support also came with a custom built-for-Xbox design that utilized the screen real estate a TV beholds upon them.

Today, the Dropbox team has redesigned the interface for desktop and mobile – UWP unifies everything, but still gives enough freedom to do this. The update also bumps the version to

The new design features something called “multi-layers” where elements of the UI appear to be behind other elements. The design principal is certainly not part of Microsoft’s Modern Design Language; Google’s Material Design relies more on these sorts of effects.

The one new feature

The update also adds a new feature to the app – something that also applies to Xbox One. Rudy Huyn, a Staff Engineer at Dropbox, also teased this feature last week when the Xbox One update released.

The feature – one very simple, but extremely useful – is the ability to set an image from Dropbox as your background wallpaper.

The Xbox One, surprisingly, only lets you do this via a USB drive; with Dropbox, you can simply sync the images to the cloud and set them as your background wallpaper in an instant.

Additionally, the Dropbox app on Windows 10 on PC and Mobile can also set images as lock screen wallpapers.


The update is now rolling out at its pace – as these updates always do. All you have to do is stay calm, and hope your ISP doesn’t throttle you down for downloading that last byte of your monthly quota.

If you want to try out the Dropbox app on your Xbox One, Windows 10 Mobile or PC device, it’s available via the Windows Store.

Dropbox is still one of the best cloud storage solutions out there; it’s also the only competitor to OneDrive on Xbox One. Competition is always good, for everyone. Except for the losing party.

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