Dota 2 Update 7.02 brings balance updates and a new ward overlay

Following the DOTA 2 New Journey update back in December last year, Valve is still pumping out balance updates; Update 7.02 is bringing a whole lot of changes to the game, further leveling the popular MOBA’s playing field.

Interestingly, Valve has focused the update’s hero balances mainly towards the new Talent Trees of the game; in stark contrast to Valve’s history of DOTA 2 balance patches that routinely tweaked hero abilities and stats instead.

Dota 2’s introduction of Talent Trees in the 7.00 update brought a major shake-up to its gameplay style.

Every hero in the game (currently 113) received unique bonuses that the player can choose at specific levels; forcing players to rethink their strategies every time they pick a talent due to the game’s fluidity.

Let’s go ahead and look at some of the exciting gameplay changes that Valve has implemented with Update 7.02.

Update 7.02

Firstly, something many support players will surely be grateful for, Sentry Wards are now purchasable individually, instead of in packs. Considering the Observer Wards availability in the same form previously, this change is a long time coming.

Speaking of Observer Wards, the game now displays a really useful overlay when placing them on the map; this highlights the particular area of fog the Ward will illuminate, for example, showing trees that will block its vision.

However, as is the tradition with most DOTA 2 updates, the new Ward functionality has caused some unconventional bugs. The Ward overlay appears on any hero that the Spirit Breaker is charging at, for an interesting example.

The bug acts as an early-warning system for anyone going against the hard-hitting Spirit Breaker until Valve gets around to fixing it.

In addition to these changes, Regeneration Runes and the Aegis now behave exactly like the Healing Salve; in other words, creep damage will not dispel the regeneration. Storm Spirit players around the world shall now rejoice.

Update 7.02 includes balance changes for almost 50 heroes in the game, along with even more changes to the items these heroes can purchase. If you are interested in looking at everything: here it is, in its massive glory.


Update 7.02 – as always – is rolling out via Valve’s Steam service for everyone who has the game installed.

If you want to try DOTA 2 out, it’s available to play for free in it’s entirety, including all the 113 heroes; microtransactions exist, but only for the game’s cosmetic items that can be easily ignored.

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