Doodle God: Ultimate Edition releases for the Xbox One

The indie game developer JoyBits has brought the casual god game Doodle God to the Xbox One. Specifically calling this the best version ever, the Ultimate Edition comes with upgraded visuals and new features for the console.

The gameplay consists of combining four basic elements: earth, fire, air, and water to make new elements of increasing difficulty. These range from tools, animals, contraptions and essentially everything else through the use of logic or trial and error, as it doesn’t look like we are playing a particularly bright god when considering we may even accidentally create a zombie plague.

Ultimate Edition

The Xbox One edition is coming with the new Planet mode for the game, in which players that succeed in creating new elements can see those changes happening on the planet below. These range from new life forms to volcanoes that pop up after the player brings them into existence.

Also, there’s a new Mission mode to give players a bit more direction when starting off; letting players know when they already have elements that can create something new with. For example, getting a mission for sand when players have access to stone and air for creating it.

Lastly, there is a brand new multiplayer mode coming to the game, as a first for the series. As a result, players can now square off against their friends in a three-way player vs. player mode. The Doodle God that can create the most elements within the time limit will win this memory contest.

Other additions and availability

Because of Doodle God’s move from its previous mobile platforms to the Xbox One, the developers are taking advantage of all the benefits that come with the Microsoft console. As we’ve previously mentioned, this includes the upgraded graphics, but, also a full list of Xbox Live achievements to grab.

Doodle God: Ultimate Edition is now available for purchase on the Microsoft store for $10 for the Xbox One.

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