Docker Engine is now freely available to newly launched Windows Server 2016 customers

A lot of things have been announced at the Microsoft Ignite 2016 event including the announcements of Windows Server 2016 that is now available to consumers.

Windows Server 2016 is a new cloud-ready Windows OS from Microsoft which brings some great new features from Windows Server and new features like Hyper-V containers and new security features. You can use Windows Server 2016 to run your apps and websites on the cloud efficiently.

Microsoft also announced that they are partnering up with Docker and Docker will be freely available to people who are using Windows Server 2016. Docker is commercially supported, and it is used for packaging apps inside a container that they can function in.

You can use Docker to develop apps, to ship and run the apps and this is all made possible and easier by Docker.

Usually, Docker starts at a monthly price of $150 and can go up to a higher price depending on which package you go for. Now that Microsoft has partnered with Docker, the users of Windows Server 2016 will be able to use Docker without any charges and that to commercially.

Docker is a great and simple to use utility for devs and system admins that can be used to package an app into its very own functional container. This container will allow this app to run and function efficiently.

Docker, when coupled with newly announced Windows Server 2016 will definitely bring some great things to the consumers of Windows Server 2016. Docker is a server-side platform, and Windows Server 2016 is an OS by Microsoft built specially to support and run on servers.

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