The Division year two of support with two free expansions confirmed

Tom Clancy’s The Division, Ubisoft’s RPG third-person shooter is now on its way to receive another year of updates. Following the three premium expansions from its first year, the second year is bringing two expansions, free to all players.

The report comes through GameRant, where the good people published an interview with Ubisoft’s Julian Gerighty, the Creative Director of The Division, a little too early. Thanks to this, we get a sneak peak into some of the details before the official reveal happens later today.

The Division Year 2

For the second round of expansions to The Division, Ubisoft Massive is planning to launch two expansions in 2017. Unlike previous expansions, however, the new ones won’t be part of a second season pass, releasing completely free of charge.

While Ubisoft could have followed in the footsteps of their tactical FPS, the reception to The Division’s season pass by fans is a whole lot different than the high praise and popularity of Rainbow Six Siege’s season pass, this is mainly due to each expansion essentially adding separate instances containing new game modes than taking the route of Siege and expanding the content of the original game.

The first expansion will mainly focus on bolstering the PvE side of things, giving players plenty of more activities. As most players stick to the PvE of The Division, prioritizing it is the obvious choice for a free expansion.

Although the developers aren’t planning on any PvP content just yet, they claim that it’s not completely off the table. Sadly, Ubisoft is tight-lipped on exact details of the expansions, which we assume will come up in the official announcement later today.

The Stream

All in all, the first free expansion for The Division is arriving in the Summer of 2017, and if the previous expansion release dates are anything to go by, this puts the second expansion’s release in Winter of 2017 or even early months of 2018.

For the full reveal of the upcoming features, Ubisoft is hosting a live stream on their official Twitch channel. The Year One Special Report Live Stream goes live at 9 AM PST, so be sure to tune in. The stream is embedded below for good measure.

Source: GameRant

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