The Division Last Stand DLC, 1.6 update and new free trial now available

The Division’s much anticipated last piece of DLC is finally here with its new PvP 8 vs. 8 game mode. Coming alongside the DLC is the game’s 1.6 update, with new PvP areas and gameplay balances, free for all players.

Following the Underground and Survival DLCs from last year, The Division is at its final piece of DLC content for its season pass. Although Ubisoft could pull a Rainbow Six Siege and announce another year of support, no evidence confirms this just yet.

Originally, Ubisoft’s announcement of the Last Stand had it as a late 2016 release. However, The Division developer – Massive – made the decision to temporarily halt the development of DLC to rework the game’s PvE component late last year for the 1.4 update. That decision threw a spanner into the schedule, pushing the release of the Last Stand into 2017.

Last Stand

From The Division’s lore standpoint, the Last Stand has Division agents trying to recover data relays from rogue agents. As always, the JTF had managed to abandon the terminals in the Dark Zone when the city’s infrastructure had collapsed.

This leads us to the gameplay of the DLC, which is primarily a player vs. player game mode. There are four maps that the game mode can take place on, all inside the Dark Zone.

When a match starts, players must take control of specific points on the map to start a data transfer. As there are three points to capture, the more points that a team holds, the faster they can win.

There are also some NPCs roaming around the map that can distract or even kill unsuspecting players. Furthermore, killing these NPCs give players resources, which they can use to activate highly useful fortifications and other boosts.

All in all, for any Division players that have a hard time finding some PvP matchups in the Dark Zone, the Last Stand is a good alternative to quickly find a match and see if their own personalized gear can stand up to other agents’ of The Division.

The Last Stand DLC is available to purchase as part of the game’s $40 Season Pass or individually for $15.

The 1.6 update and free trial

First up, the Dark Zone map is expanding to include three new areas, effectively doubling the play area. These new zones house new enemies, events and a new checkpoint fast travel system for quickly going across the map.

The brand new Legendary Difficulty is coming to Times Square, Warren Gate, and Napalm Production Site missions. This difficulty has enemies that are much smarter than previous iterations while having the same health pool.

The full list of changes and balance updates to the game is available on the official website – here.

Lastly, Ubisoft is celebrating the new content by launching a free trial for The Division players on all platforms. The trial gives players access to the full game for six hours or until they reach level 8.

All progress in the trial will also move over to the main game for players that decide to purchase it. The trial is available from February 28th for PC and Xbox One with PlayStation 4 getting access on March 9th.

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