The Division 1.6 update comes with a larger Dark Zone and PVP changes

Along with the Last Stand expansion, The Division is getting a huge update releasing alongside it. This 1.6 update is bringing a bigger Dark Zone, an even higher difficulty level and plenty more changes for players to sink their teeth into.

First things first, let’s take a look at the expansion before jumping into the 1.6 update details. This third expansion marks the end of Ubisoft’s previously announced expansions to the game; whether Ubisoft is planning to release more in the future or go straight into Division 2 is currently unknown.

Last Stand

The Division’s latest upcoming expansion – Last Stand – is bringing a PVP game mode similar to the ‘domination’ mode from other games. Set inside multiple cordoned areas of the Dark Zone, the mode pits two eight-player teams against each other. The objective is to capture three terminals in the map and hold them against the opposing team.

Many NPC enemies will also be guarding these capture points, leading to an interesting dynamic of choosing when to fight. While one team is fighting to clear NPCs, the opposing team may catch up with them and contest the points.

The mode has its own rank up system similar to the previous expansions, which periodically give rewards when reaching milestones. Some of which are even exclusive to the mode like weapon skins and other vanity items.

1.6 Update Dark Zone changes

While the Last Stand is a premium expansion pack that players can obtain through purchasing The Division: Season Pass or separately through Ubisoft’s Uplay Store, the upcoming 1.6 update is a completely free patch arriving for all Division players to enjoy.

One of the biggest additions is the new Dark Zone areas that are opening up in the game. These include rooftops, building interiors and large underground sections for players to explore and fight in. Ubisoft is claiming the new areas will effectively double the size of the Dark Zone due to the verticality.

Contamination Events are a new feature coming to the Dark Zone, taking place in the new underground sections. Every hour a highly dangerous set of Cleaners will go through the underground sections of the map, killing civilians.

Players can put a stop to these Cleaners for rewards, but the task has a small caveat; the trusty gas mask of agents won’t be able to handle the high contamination levels in these events. Fighting Cleaners in close combat while managing the slowly reducing health will be quite a fun challenge to deal with.

Obviously, as the Dark Zone map is much larger now, trekking across the zones may become a chore. As a remedy, the developers are giving the ability to fast travel between Dark Zone checkpoints. Keep in mind, however, that players will lose all contaminated items they picked up from their backpacks when fast traveling.

Among more Dark Zone changes, there is also some new stuff coming for the PVE section of the game.

Other changes

First up is the new Legendary difficulty mode coming to three of the missions in The Division. Namely the Times Square, Napalm Production Site, and the WarrenGate Power Plant missions.

Ubisoft has said the enemies in the Legendary difficulty won’t have any extra health compared to the other difficulty levels in the game. However, the enemies will be using tactics that are comparable to the Hunters, a highly lethal and smart special enemy from the previous expansion to The Division – Survival.

While players who finish missions in the new Legendary difficulty will receive exclusive items on top of normal rewards; the difficulty level will be an extremely hard task to tackle without an organized group of players

Another piece of good news is that the 1.6 update won’t be increasing the Gear Score of The Division. All the players can rest easy knowing they won’t have to grind mission for weeks to finish their builds again.

Lastly, there is a whole host of reworks that Ubisoft is implementing to the gear and skills of the game.

Such as, removing the ability to reload while running, changing Named weapons to Exotic weapons that come in sets, just as Gear sets do, reworking the Reclaimer set to be more support centric set and removing the Armor bonus completely from gear.

There are so many more features that are arriving with the 1.6 update to the Division. Anyone looking to find every detail of the update can read it in the almost 5000-word changelog of Ubisoft – here.

The massive update and the expansion will go into The Division’s Public Test Environment soon for more testing by players. After which, both will release on the Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4 platforms in the near future.

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