Disable Windows 10 Microsoft Edge Notification

Notifications are like humans, some are good some are bad, some make us happy and some make us sad. Also, there are some which annoy us, Microsoft Edge’s notification on Windows 10 is one of the annoying types. This notification pops up every time when you use a third-party browser like Chrome, Firefox etc. In this notification, you are told how Edge browser is better than Chrome, Firefox, Opera or any other browser that you are using. It is not a very good way to encourage users to use Edge instead of their favorite browser. This notification is generated by the operating system as an attempt to influence the people to use Edge browser. This notification often looks like this.

Since it is pushed by the operating system itself, hence there’s an easy way to disable it in Windows 10.

Let’s see how to disable this Microsoft Edge notification on Windows 10:

Step 1 Go to search option and type “Settings” and click on it.

Step 2 In the “Settings” section you will see many options related to different settings for your operating systemyou have to click on “System” option denoted by a notebook icon.

Step 3 In the “System” option, you will see different types of settings that you can change, you have to go to “Notifications & actions” option.

Step 4 In the “Notifications & actions” option, go to the toggle under the “Notification” heading where you will find many toggles for various options, you have to search for the toggle named as “Get tips, tricks, and suggestions as you use Windows”, then disable it.

And now you will not get any suggestions from your operating system. You don’t need any suggestions from your system as we are here to tell you about the latest tips and tricks that will help you to keep your Windows 10 experience neat and clean and no, we won’t send you annoying notifications but the important ones that you definitely need to consider.

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