DICE reveals all four upcoming Battlefield 1 expansions packs

With the first expansion for Battlefield 1 on the horizon, DICE has decided to detail all its upcoming expansion packs. Specifically, all expansion packs will total 16 new maps, 20 new weapons and other features for players that purchase them.

Hot off the presses are DICE’s newly revealed names for all four of the upcoming Battlefield 1 expansion packs, which are – They Shall Not Pass, In the Name of the Tsar, Turning Tides and Apocalypse.

These expansions are taking players all across the world to many of the iconic battles from the first World War.

The Battlefield 1 Expansions

As we’ve already covered back in January, the first expansion – They Shall Not Pass – takes place in France; the introduction of the French army to Battlefield 1’s multiplayer side of things.

The expansion will have players battling in various maps featuring the memorable Verdun and intense tank battles of Aisne riverbanks.

Next up is – In the Name of the Tsar – expansion, that will feature the perilous snowy landscapes of Russia. Players will get to play as WW1’s legendary Russian Army in the four maps in this expansion.

Turning Tides, as the name suggests has a lot of focus on the naval battles of WW1; DICE confirming the four maps to include amphibious battles along with a healthy mixture of land, air, and sea clashes.

And lastly, Apocalypse, and no, this is not the all powerful mutant supervillain from the Marvel Comics. Battlefield 1’s Apocalypse expansion will contain maps and weapons from the most brutal and infamous battles of The Great War.

Players can expect many unique and maybe even some experimental weapons to show up in this last expansion pack.


DICE has yet to set in stone the release dates of these expansions for Battlefield 1. The first of the bunch the – They Shall Not Pass – expansion is arriving sometime this month.

Owners of the Battlefield 1 Premium Pass will get access to all these expansions two weeks earlier than others. Moreover, receiving 13 Superior Battlepacks that contain cosmetic items and other bonuses such as priority server access and more.

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