Dell’s firmware update for XPS 13 improves battery life and more

A few simple firmware updates are doing wonders these days – they fix batteries, increase download speeds, and even add a few nifty features. Dell, a few days ago, released a firmware update that increases its XPS 13’s battery life by about 14%.

To be clear, Dell isn’t actually claiming any battery life improvements; Windows Central claims that the battery life will now see a 14% increase, due to the new firmware now offloading much of the audio processing to the digital signal processor, rather than the CPU.

The Update

The firmware update is specifically for Dell XPS 13 (9360) and bumps the version number to 1.2.3; besides the (alleged) battery performance improvements, the update also brings a few other fixes and improvements.

Dell has marked the update as “Urgent” for its importance level; clearly, the update fixes some critical issues.

Dell’s patch notes are riddled with spelling mistakes and sentences that do not make sense. We have re-written the ones we understood, and kept the strange ones intact for your interpretation. You can read the original changelog here.

Here’s all of it:

  • The laptop should no longer freeze at the Dell logo when resuming from system hibernation.
  • “Fixed Dell Thunderbolt Dock may lost during Cold Boot \ Cold Boot.”
  • Added support for the audio digital signal processor (DSP) – this is what will help with the battery life.
  • After a “dirty shutdown,” the laptop refused to boot and required the user to press the power button multiple times. This issue is no longer an issue.
  • Windows wouldn’t show the “safe-to-remove” option for USB devices plugged into the right-side USB ports; an odd issue, which no longer exists.


The firmware update is available over here, along with the original changelog if you wish to read it.

Dell also released a new version of the Realtek Audio Drivers for the laptop; the new audio drivers are not mandatory but should go along well with the firmware update, since that adds support for the DSP. You can find the download for those here.

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