Dell upgrades Inspiron 15 & 17 5000 series laptops: 7th gen Intel processors in 8 colors

Besides the upgrade for XPS 13, Dell has also announced a nice refresh for the Inspiron 15 & 17 5000 series laptops. While these laptops are not as premium as XPS 13 – they are a lot cheaper.

Dell Inspiron 15

The whole range of Inspiron laptops is designed for the mainstream customer – they run the latest versions of Windows and do most things really well, but don’t demand an arm and a leg for the price. This obviously means they don’t have fancy features such as XPS 13’s 5.3mm bezels – but you can’t have everything.

As it always is with Dell, there are tens of configuration options to choose from. The body features a newly designed thinner design, with up to eight choices for the color. The screen is a 15 inch 1080p FHD display and can optionally be touch-enabled.

You also have the option to upgrade the webcam with the new Windows Hello-certified infrared camera, which allows you to unlock your Windows 10 device by just showing your face – but this option is only available if you pick the touch-enabled display model.

The laptop is quite thin but thick enough to fit an actual DVD writer, which you can also optionally replace for a Bluray writer instead. Once again, Dell is all about options here as well.

The Inspiron 15 & 17 5000 series laptops both start at the price of 549$ – this will obviously change if you add any of the optional features, but it is a good base price to start with. The laptops are going to be available for purchase starting from October 4th.

Beside the XPS 13 upgrade and Inspiron refresh, Dell also announced the new Latitude 13 3000 series 2-in-1 laptops targeted mostly towards businesses today. Dell has been clearly very busy keep their lineup up-to-date with the times.

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