Dell is releasing a 32-inch 8K monitor for $4,999

If you thought a 4K monitor running at a 144 Hz refresh rate, or an ultrawide curved monitor was the pinnacle of display technology at CES – you have missed the point of CES.

Dell has announced something that will bring a wondrous joy to every photo and video editing professional: a 32-inch monitor with the resolution of 7680 x 4320, putting the PPI at 280.

If you are more familiar with Apple’s marketing speak; this 8K monitor is what Apple would call a ‘Retina Display.’ It’s truly insane. This one display is the equivalent of four 4K displays or sixteen 1080p displays stacked together side-by-side.

In fact, that’s how Dell is asking is expecting customers to rationalize its price; pretend that you are buying four 4K monitors.

Dell is making sure every unit that rolls out the factory is accurately color-calibrated; the monitor has 100% coverage for the AdobeRGB color gamut as well.

This product is only the 2nd of its kind; while Sharp introduced a 27-inch 8K monitor in October last year, it never actually hit the retail shelves. Dell, on the other hand, is pushing this display for production.

The only display technology that supports the 8K resolution is DisplayPort 1.4; though, you might need quite a lot of graphics horsepower to push pixels for such an extraordinary resolution.

Dell hasn’t made more details clear: we don’t know what inputs this monitor has, or whether it somehow uses multiple inputs to render one image – like a multi-monitor setup would.

Pricing & Availability

As mentioned in the title, the price sits at a whopping $4,999; considering how unique this product is, the price is worth paying, if you seek what the monitor has to offer.

Dell has given it a name that simply rolls off the tongue: UP3218K, and expects it to go on sale by March 23rd.

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