Dell announces Canvas, a 27-inch touch display for artists

After Microsoft’s push for creativity focused products last year, Dell is also jumping in by making an artist-centered device. Announcing Canvas, a large display more similar to a drawing tablet than an all-in-one PC such as the Surface Studio.

Surface Studio resemblance

When first seeing the Dell Canvas, the similarities to the Surface Studio are the most apparent features. Having a large tiltable screen for drawing purposes and even a dial for selecting colors and other interactions.

That is where the likeness end, however, as unlike the Surface Studio, Canvas does not include a computer inside it. The device is meant to be used by artists as a secondary display for drawing using their own computer. Dell even claims that they were working on Canvas long before the Surface Studio announcement took place.

Now with that comparison of the two different devices out of the way, let’s see what the Canvas is offering.

The Canvas

The 27-inch display comes with a resolution of 2560×1440 with an anti-glare Gorilla Glass screen and a weight of 8.40kg. Having this kind of robustness is mandatory for something that may bear the full weight of a person while drawing; further explaining why the display has massive bezels as, apparently, it was a request by artists for resting their palms.

The Canvas comes with two dial controllers that Dell calls “Totems” which uses the same API as Microsoft’s Surface Dial. Reportedly, the Totems act just as a Surface Dial but with lighter materials but lower precision compared Microsoft’s product. However, users may switch to using a Surface Dial on the Canvas thanks to the use of the shared API.


While the display is not quite as sharp as the Surface Studio’s and the peripherals are lower in quality; many artists may be looking for a lower costing monitor that can use their own computers. Especially considering the Surface Studio prices start at the $2999 mark and the Surface Dial costing an extra $99.99.

The Dell Canvas is coming out on the 30th of March for $1799 and is available now for pre-order. When considering the response to these devices, we have a feeling this won’t be the last of them that will be coming to the market this year.

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