Das Keyboard showcases the cloud-connected keyboard 5Q at CES

The Texas-based company Das Keyboard has put out what looks like the world’s first cloud-connected keyboard. The mechanical keyboard comes with its own API to convert the LEDs on the keyboard into a full-fledged notification center.

Das Keyboard 5Q

Having enough LEDs to outclass a fireworks show isn’t something new to mechanical keyboard owners. However, actually getting a use out of them other than to impress friends and co-workers remain unheard of.

To remedy this, Das Keyboard launched a Kickstarter campaign earlier in 2016; the goal: to build a fully cloud-connected keyboard. Suffice to say the campaign was a massive success, raising almost $600,000 and handily beating the original goal of $100,000.

Let’s now look at what exactly is the 5Q doing that is different from all the other fancy keyboards available.

Firstly, every single key on the 5Q can be fully programmed to display any kind of notification users might need. This ranges from simple IFTTT recipes to running custom scripts built using the included REST API; allowing almost unlimited flexibility fit for anybody’s day to day use.

Although, every user may not be tech savvy enough to take full advantage of the keyboard’s high customizability. Das Keyboard is trying to remedy this by including a “community marketplace” where users can write and submit scripts. For example, let’s say someone wanted to know whenever EA gives out a free game on Origin. They can make the 5Q’s “O” key glow orange and share that script in the marketplace for anyone to use.

Also, worth a mention, along with the cloud features, are Das Keyboard’s Gamma-Zulu mechanical switches, that the keyboard comes with. Notable for their gaming focused 1.5mm actuation point and high durability, with up to 100 million key presses.

Lastly, if for some reason all the flashing keys get confusing, pressing the dedicated Q button (which doubles as a volume knob) on the keyboard will bring up all the notifications to the screen.


The Das Keyboard company is now accepting pre-orders for the cloud-connected 5Q for $229. However, as it seems the Das Keyboard store is accepting only a limited amount of orders, potential buyers may need to hurry up.

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