Crysis developer Crytek closes all studios except Frankfurt and Kiev

The German developer Crytek has announced that they will be shutting down five of their studios. This news follows the reports coming from the last weeks,  mentioning developers going unpaid for months on end.


Most notably known for their shooters, like the Crysis series and the original Far Cry. Crytek has been in financial troubles for quite a while now; forced to sell off IPs and studios in the past to stay afloat.

Crytek’s later games did not reach the fame or acclaim of their previous titles. An example being the free-to-play shooter Warface; released first to Asian markets, then to Western regions. Receiving mixed reviews and low player counts lead to the shut down of the Xbox 360 port in 2015.

Crytek has recently been dipping into the VR side of things. With the release of Robinson: Journey for PSVR and The Climb for the Oculus Rift. The titles have received positive reviews, which lead to Crytek announcing more VR titles.

While these ventures bought some time for Crytek, most of their staff were either moving to other studios or let go during the past years’ troubled times.

Crytek’s game engine “CryEngine,” however, has been seeing plenty of use, with third party studios licensing the engine for upcoming games such as Star Citizen and Prey; even Amazon is using a modified version to develop games integrated into their ecosystem.

Current situation

According to the statement issued today, multiple Crytek studios around the world will be shutting down. The studios that will be affected are located in Bulgaria, Seoul, Budapest, Istanbul and, Shanghai. Leaving only Crytek’s main studio in Frankfurt along with Kiev’s offices remaining, a shell of the once giant company.

Rumors of a Russian company buying Warface have also come up, along with its to-be-announced sequel, Warface 2, which was in development at the Kiev studio.

The announcement further mentions plans to put focus back on CryEngine support and development of games; although, with most of its staff now unemployed, Crytek’s future does not look so good.

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