How to create and manage guest account in Windows 10

Sharing your computer with someone you this site know but don’t trust a lot with the way they use it, can be problematic sometimes. Not just with your friends, but also with kids and family members, because more than the privacy, it is the control of apps that you want to restrict at times. Guest account management is an inbuilt feature in the Windows 10 and you can easily set it up if you want to give everyone else a separate version of your system with limited access.

To create a guest account and manage it, there are different ways of doing so. First of all lets discuss the easiest way to manage guest accounts in Windows 10.

Using Control Panel

Go to Manage Accounts section in the Control Panel and here, you will have to be signed in using your Microsoft account so that your PC knows that the user currently setting up things is the administrator.

Guest Account Setup Windows 10

Once you are logged in, you will notice that there are two options – one is for your account, and other is for the Guest account which is off. Click on that and it will take you to the next window and ask you whether you want to turn it on.

It will also have a note that password-protected files, folders, or settings are not accessible to the guest users. Unavailability of settings is important because you don’t want the guest account to access the settings and change anything.

To disable guest account from the same area, it is almost the same place where you will find the option to turn it off.

Enable and Disable Guest account using CMD

You can even enable or disable the guest account by using the Command Prompt in Windows 10. For this, you will have to use CMD as an administrator. Search for CMD and in the results when you find it, right-click and click “Run as Administrator”. It will show as the Administrator: Command Prompt.

CMD run as administrator

Here, to enable the Guest mode, type net user guest /active:yes and press enter. You will see the message “The command completed successfully”.

Guest Account Enable Windows 10 CMD

Similarly to disable the Guest mode, type net user guest /active:no and press enter.

Unfortunately, how Guest mode works is quite fixed and you are not allowed to change any functionality in the Windows 10 PC. Guest mode is supposed to work with certain apps, settings and files being restricted from opening, and that is the only thing you can see it doing. If you wish to remove access from a few other things and allow the user to play around with the folders, you can create another account and not have a Guest account active.

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