Cortana for iOS updates with the refreshed design, now available in the UK

In December last year, the Cortana team at Microsoft revamped the digital assistant on iOS and Android. The revamped interface was elegant and was pushed out to Android as the announcement went live. iOS, however, saw a delay, as Microsoft wasn’t quite ready to release the update just yet.

Microsoft promised to release the update for iOS “in a few weeks,” but nothing was heard of it after. Today, after just over three months, the update is here for iOS.

Version 2.0

The new version of Cortana is very different – we covered everything in our original coverage from December. But, we now know that Cortana’s new design doesn’t have anything to do with Project NEON.

The redesign updates the call, text, and reminder cards as well as the search results via Bing. It’s just a more responsive and cleaner design, with smooth animations and transitions.

There’s even dedicated buttons to make Cortana sing a song for you or present her humorous intellect as a bad joke. She really needs to get better with those.

Availability (Also in the UK)

The update was pushed out to Android in December, and Cortana was made available in the UK. Since the iOS update was delayed, so was the UK launch for Cortana on iOS.

Today’s update brings Cortana to the UK for iOS users.

In the US, for those who were already using Cortana on iOS, the update is rolling out as you read this. It took a long time, but it’s here.

If you aren’t using Cortana on iOS and would like to try it out, just search for it on Apple’s AppStore. It’s available for free and is now better than ever before.

Hopefully, Cortana will continue to improve. Google today launched its new Assistant for iOS as well, so Microsoft is clearly in the mood for some competition.

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