Cortana – The digital pocket secretary we all deserve

iOS has Siri, Android has Google Now and Windows 10 Mobile has Cortana. The rise of personal virtual assistants on smartphones have been well and every mobile OS wants to outdo every other one. Cortana, which was first brought to the consumers back when Windows Phone 8.1 update was a thing changed a lot of things in the personal virtual assistant sphere. Cortana is also the first such assistant to be brought to desktop users with Windows 10.

If you compare Cortana to other such assistants, you will notice that she can actually do a lot of things better as compared to what Google Now or even Siri has to offer. Microsoft has been working on Cortana to improve it ever since it first came out in Windows Phone 8.1.


At its core, Cortana is powered by Bing which is Microsoft’s very own search engine that is used by many around the world. The name itself was taken from the character with the same name from the games series known as Halo and it suits the app very well since even in the game, Cortana was the virtual AI assistant to the game’s protagonist. Anyway, coming back to the topic, there are a lot of things that Cortana can do and we will see what exactly they are in this post.

Perform interactive searches

Bing, as you know is a great search engine and Cortana can use it to provide some fast and interactive search results. Say you want to find a restaurant in a new area you are visiting, you can simply ask Cortana to list the nearby restaurants with a simple command i.e. “Hey Cortana! Find me some good restaurants nearby.” and she will list the restaurants as per the distance. You can also search for specific restaurants and make reservations right from Cortana itself. No need to do anything extra. How cool is that?

Manage your appointments and reminders like a BOSS

Gone are the days when you had to maintain a diary for keeping track of all your appointments and meetings for the day. Cortana can easily manage all that and more in her Notebook. All you need to do is ask Cortana to set up an event and she will automatically remind you when the time is right.

You can also set location wise reminders using Cortana. For example, you want to get a cake while going back home, ask her to remind you to get a cake at say, 5 PM and she will be there to remind you to get that cake!

Ask her to tell you jokes, or to sing to you, or even ask her out!

Unlike Google Now, Cortana is an interactive assistant which means you can actually have a conversation with her! If you ask her who her daddy is, she will tell you it’s Bill Gates, which he technically is. Propose her by saying telling her you love her and she might just remind you how that is not possible but worry not as she will always be there for you when you need her. You can also ask her to sing a song to you and you will be able to hear her sing a soulful track.

Cortana makes your smartphone and PC experience amazing!

Let’s face it. It was about time that our phones and even PCs for that matter got an intelligent assistant like Cortana. Not only does she provide you extended functionality, but she also makes sure you have everything in front of you as soon as you access Cortana. On a phone or on a PC, as soon as you open up the Cortana app, you will notice a bunch of things on the homepage. You will notice the list of events for the day, the weather in your area and more things like scores of the sport you follow.

In the end, Cortana’s job is to make your life much more easier than it was before you had her.

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