Corsair teases its first-ever computer: Corsair One

Corsair, the friendly neighborhood PC peripheral maker, is turning into a full-fledged PC maker.

Corsair isn’t known for building PCs – because they don’t build PCs; what they are known for are their PC components and peripherals. Corsair makes – and rebrands – several desktop PC components like RAM, Power Supply Units, closed-loop water cooling units, fans, cases, SSDs, and much more.

They also make several peripherals like keyboards, mice – the list goes on; customers love the company for its excellent (for the most part) customer support. Corsair has managed to create a fiercely competitive environment in the peripherals market, especially for Logitech.

The Corsair One

‘One’ is the trend as dictated by the current times, and thus Corsair abides. This one has nothing to do with the Xbox One, except that it is a PC and will likely run Windows 10.

In theory – thanks to the Xbox Play Anywhere Program – a Windows 10 gaming PC is, in fact, quite similar to the Xbox One; many of the Xbox One exclusives have also released for the Windows 10 in the recent years, after all.

In the March issue of the popular Maximum PC magazine, Corsair has published an advertisement teasing the Corsair One.

The advertisement does not provide us with many details, but it does give us a link to the Corsair One landing page; the landing page also does not provide us with many details.

However, we can see that the Corsair One looks very Tron-esque, and features bright blue lines on the front, to (arguably) signify its focus on gaming.

The PC Market

The entrance of yet another PC maker in the thriving PC gaming market is not a surprise; whilst the gaming consoles are busy fighting with each other, the PC gaming market has been serving gamers who demand more from their games than anyone else.

Corsair One is just another PC joining the hordes of PCs available at any IT store. It must define itself by its performance, and price. Hopefully, it will focus on the latter.

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