Conan Exiles is coming to Xbox One through the Xbox Preview Program

Funcom’s open world survival game – Conan Exiles – is now on its way to the Xbox One console. The game will arrive in the second quarter of 2017 through Microsoft’s Xbox Preview Program.

Funcom revealed that the PC release exceeded all their expectations by selling almost half a million copies in one month. The company had aimed to hit that sales goal in the first year of the game’s release instead.

Conan Exiles’ high amount of sales succeeded in covering the game’s $4.5 million dollars of development costs in a week, effectively making the launch of Conan Exiles Funcom’s most successful game launch in its history.

Thanks to the early access success, Funcom is investing an extra $5-10 million dollars leading up to the game’s launch.

Furthermore, the developers plan to add more content to the game through regular updates that’ll arrive every two weeks. That’s in addition to the seven significantly larger updates which will also come out at certain intervals leading up to Conan Exiles release, containing exciting features such as siege weapons for attacking bases, mounts for faster travel and even a dye system.

Additionally, the developers plan to launch a brand new biome with new enemies, equipment and other features nearing the Xbox One early access launch.

Conan Exiles

Just as other games in the genre, Conan Exiles has elements of gathering resources and crafting tools to remain alive. Players can either work together or raid other players to gain advantages in this harsh world of Conan the Barbarian.

There are even some NPCs clans that roam the land, which players can enslave to give players useful benefits.

Currently, Conan Exiles is in Steam Early Access program where it’s planning to stay for at least another twelve months, with it planning to join the Xbox One’s Game Preview program around August.

The full release of Conan Exiles is arriving in 2018 for the Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4 platforms.

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