Codemasters announces Dirt 4 for Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4

Codemasters have announced a sequel to their famous rally racing series – Dirt – that’s coming later this year. Arriving five years after the previous full installment of the franchise, Dirt 4 sure has made fans wait a long time.

Dirt, or originally, Colin McRae Rally, was the first game series to bring realistic rally racing to video games. The series starting with Colin McRae Rally in 1998, named after the famous championship rally driver Colin McRae.

With the driver’s death in 2007, Codemasters dropped the Colin McRae name from the series with Dirt 3’s launch; with the exception of the 2013 mobile game with the name Colin McRae Rally.

Since the release of Dirt 3 in 2011, however, the developers have released two spin-off titles to the series. Namely, the Dirt: Showdown (2012) and Dirt Rally (2015) games, focusing on arcade racing and racing simulation genres respectively; the series’ return with a full sequel is looking to combine both these styles of driving like their previous installments.

Dirt 4

The biggest new feature that’s coming to the series is the procedurally generating racing tracks that players can drive on. As the game is shipping with five rally locations: Austrailia, Sweden, Spain, Wales, and Michigan, the new “Your Stage” mode lets players choose a variety of parameters on these locations, which the game will then use to build unique tracks to race on. Moreover, after creating these custom routes, players can even share them with friends to try and beat each other’s records.

Along with the return of Joyride mode plus the truck and buggy racing Landrush mode from Dirt 3, the game will also focus on the dangerous aspects of rally racing, with much more impactful crashes and realistic car damage.

Additionally, the career mode in Dirt 4 will have players starting off in the Dirt Academy as a rookie driver. As players race through the mode’s events, they will eventually make their way to becoming a world champion rally racer.

The game will arrive for the Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4 platforms on the 9th of June 2017. Codemasters is promising to unveil more information about the game’s features in the coming months leading to its launch.

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