Civilization VI gets Poland in its first DLC, along with game updates and more

Firaxis, it seems, is hard at work nearing the holidays. The developer has released a surprise Winter 2016 Update for Civilization VI.

The free game update brings a score of improvements and tweaks to the game. Along with two pieces of DLC, including a new Civilization, a Viking Scenario Pack and more.

Poland DLC

The leader Jadwiga is heading Poland this time around, saying goodbye to Casimir III’s reign from CivV. The Polish were always seen as one of the more powerful factions in Civilization V, with their unique ability giving an extra social policy with each new era.

Civilization VI’s Poland at first glance seems even more powerful than in the previous game with the focus on expansion and strong religious bonuses.

Poland’s new ability – Golden Liberty, gains tiles around Forts when made inside friendly borders. Yes, that is including tiles from other Civs. As a bonus, the ability also converts the other civ’s religion to Poland’s when claiming tiles.

The unique Polish unit is the Winged Hussar, a cavalry unit who can push back lower damage dealing enemies; dealing even more damage to enemies who can not back away from the Hussars.

For their unique building, Poland gets the Cloth Hall. Giving bonuses to both internal and foreign trading routes.

Lastly, the DLC pack also comes with a scenario named Jadwiga’s Legacy, where players get to defend against an invasion of the Turks as Poland.

Viking Scenario Pack

The second piece of DLC to hit the game today is a Viking centered pack, adding six new city-states and three new natural wonders to the game.

Included in the pack, is a 100 turn scenario which involves raiding across Europe, as the Civs Norway or Sweden is also in the pack.

The Winter Update

Along with the paid DLC, a large balance patch was also released for Civilization VI.

Involving lower costs for Wonders, increased time for founding new technologies and a whole lot more. Anyone with a lot of free time can read the complete changelog here.


The 800MB Winter Update is already out as a free patch to all owners of Civilization VI.

For those looking for some new content, however, the two DLC packs are now available to buy on the Steam store for $4.99 each.

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