CES 2017: Here’s how to watch the NVidia keynote

NVidia is a company that plays different roles for different demographics; to gamers, it makes high-end graphics cards that power their games; for scientists and researchers, NVidia makes some incredibly powerful number-crunching graphics cards that help them solve complex problems.

Then, there’s the automotive industry that hasn’t been shy of adopting NVidia’s Tegra processors – which, by the way, also power a few tablets, phones, and the NVidia Shield. The NVidia Shield, of course, is a set-top box for the TV powered by Android.

You see what we meant? NVidia does a lot of things; some of them are do not remotely matter to the other parts of NVidia. That’s why an event such as this holds incredible value.

Today’s event will show us NVidia’s foray into the world of artificial intelligence. There’s apparently going to be self-driving cars; there’s something about VR, and we might even see an updated version of NVidia’s Shield set-top box.

On a more normal note, there’s also a possibility of an announcement about a GTX 1080Ti – the GTX 1050 and 1050 Ti have already been announced.

It’s certainly not going to be as overwhelming as Intel’s keynote is expected to be, but it’s going to be fun anyway.

The Livestream

NVidia’s keynote is also the CES preshow keynote – it’s right before the show floor opens; that makes it quite significant, to say the least. If you would like to watch the keynote, NVidia will be streaming it live on their website.

Here’s the entire keynote, embedded below.

The Timings

Here are the timings for the keynote in every time zone we could think of – if you don’t fall in the same time zone as any of these cities, perhaps try this handy time converter.

  • Sydney – 1:30 PM, 5th of January
  • Tokyo – 11:30 AM, 5th of January
  • Beijing – 10:30 AM, 5th of January
  • Dhaka – 8:30 AM, 5th of January
  • New Delhi – 8 AM, 5th of January
  • Islamabad – 7:30 AM, 5th of January
  • Riyadh – 5:30 AM, 5th of January
  • Moscow – 5:30 AM, 5th of January
  • Cape Town – 4:30 AM, 5th of January
  • Rome – 3:30 AM, 5th of January
  • Paris – 3:30 AM, 5th of January
  • London – 2:30 AM, 5th of January
  • Brasília – 12:30 AM, 5th of January
  • New York – 9:30 PM, 4th of January
  • Houston – 8:30 PM, 4th of January
  • Denver – 7:30 PM, 4th of January
  • San Francisco – 6:30 PM, 4th of January
  • Honolulu – 4:30 PM, 4th of January

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