CES 2017: Here’s how to watch the Nissan keynote

Nissan is being very hush-hush about its keynote – which is odd if you compare that with everyone else at CES. CES is meant to be chaotic and overwhelming; Nissan isn’t playing it right.

There is, however, a teaser that has left us very excited: Cortana. It’s just a single tweet – and it doesn’t even directly imply much – but it’s clearly a hint. Microsoft and Nissan have something going on, and we really do need to know about it.

Nissan has confirmed that its CEO and Chairman, Carlos Ghosn, will be speaking at the keynote. The keynote’s description suggests that Nissan will be mostly focusing on zero emissions and a “zero fatalities world for everyone.” Since it specifically mentions zero emissions; it’s probably talking about Nissan’s Leaf.

The CES isn’t a convention about cars – it’s for technology, and that’s what the auto manufacturers mostly talk about. There is, however, the North American International Auto Show; starting on 8th of January in Detroit.

Since the CES keynote is on 5th January, and Nissan’s keynote at the NAIAS is on 9th January; it wouldn’t be too odd to expect Nissan’s CEO to make the trip to Detroit as well – he’s already in the U.S, after all.

The Livestream

If there are a few announcements to be made regarding Cortana, they will happen at CES; but the car-related stuff will likely happen at NAIAS on 9th of January.

For now, let’s just focus on Nissan; here’s the live stream:

The Timings

The rock we live on isn’t flat; therefore we have time zones. It can be hard to traverse the time zones, so we wrote down the timings for the event in every time zone we could think of.

If none of the cities mentioned below cover the part of the world you live in, simply use this handy time converter.

  • Sydney – 11 AM, 6th of January
  • Tokyo – 9 AM, 6th of January
  • Beijing – 8 AM, 6th of January
  • Dhaka – 6 AM, 6th of January
  • New Delhi – 5:30 AM, 6th of January
  • Islamabad – 5 AM, 6th of January
  • Riyadh – 3 AM, 6th of January
  • Moscow – 3 AM, 6th of January
  • Cape Town – 2 AM, 6th of January
  • Rome – 1 AM, 6th of January
  • Paris – 1 AM, 6th of January
  • London – 12 AM, 6th of January
  • Brasília – 10 PM, 5th of January
  • New York – 7 PM, 5th of January
  • Houston – 6 PM, 5th of January
  • Denver – 5 PM, 5th of January
  • San Francisco – 4 PM, 5th of January
  • Honolulu – 2 PM, 5th of January

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