CES 2017: Here’s how to watch the Intel keynote

The previous year’s Intel keynotes have been… interesting, to say the least. Intel is a hardware company – they design and manufacture the processors that make everything around you work – but that’s not exciting to watch at a keynote. Intel, therefore, has always teased us with possibilities – what its hardware is capable of and can do today, even if it doesn’t really exist.

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Sometimes it’s cringeworthy; sometimes it’s awe-inspiring. Intel’s keynotes are hit or miss, but they sure are exciting either way.

This year, Intel seems to be teasing us with the upcoming 5G networking technology and even more IoT devices; technically, both are connected in some ways, as the IoT devices are going to put a lot of strain on these wireless cellular networks.

Intel also seems excited about virtual reality – much like Microsoft – but we don’t know much about what they would show.

A few more details about Project Evo could also show up – the partnership between Intel and Microsoft that intends to build smarter PCs and bring Cortana in every home, on every desk.

The Livestream

Intel’s keynote is sandwiched between Samsung and Sony; there’s a lot going on during the hours – some things might be missed, so watching the live stream would be ideal.

Intel will be live streaming the event on their website – here’s the link. If the stream can be embedded, we will do so right here.

The Timings

We have converted the time for the live stream into every time zone we could think of – if you any of these cities do not match up with your time zone, use this handy time zone converter.

  • Sydney – 11 AM, 5th of January
  • Tokyo – 9 AM, 5th of January
  • Beijing – 8 AM, 5th of January
  • Dhaka – 6 AM, 5th of January
  • New Delhi – 5:30 AM, 5th of January
  • Islamabad – 5 AM, 5th of January
  • Riyadh – 3 AM, 5th of January
  • Moscow – 3 AM, 5th of January
  • Cape Town – 2 AM, 5th of January
  • Rome – 1 AM, 5th of January
  • Paris – 1 AM, 5th of January
  • London – 12 AM, 5th of January
  • Brasília – 11 PM, 4th of January
  • New York – 7 PM, 4th of January
  • Houston – 6 PM, 4th of January
  • Denver – 5 PM, 4th of January
  • San Francisco – 4 PM, 4th of January
  • Honolulu – 2 PM, 4th of January

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