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CES 2017: Here’s how to watch the Faraday Future keynote

Faraday Future showed up out of nowhere last year with a lot of money from its Chinese investors; the company blew everyone’s mind with its concept car and then proceeded to disappear.

The company, since then, has been on a roller coaster; in the past few weeks alone there have been scathing reports of the company’s unpaid bills, millions of dollars in unaccounted liabilities and departure of key staff. The construction of its $1 billion manufacturing facility in Nevada was also delayed.

That’s all seems to be irrelevant to the marketing department; Faraday Future has been teasing everyone with a brand new car that it claims will hit production later this year. This time, it’s not just a concept.

Just as the last year, the company is promising great things this year; teasing that its cars can talk to each other, has more torque than Tesla’s Model S, and even a bit of A.I.

The A.I. bit, of course, is what could overlap with Microsoft’s vision; after all, Cortana is meant to be the be-all and end-all of all artificial assistants.

Cortana, in fact, is expected to be at the Nissan keynote in a few days – will be interesting to see what they can do with a car.

The promises, once again, seem to be piling up; whether the company can deliver on them will be something only time can answer.

The Livestream

The event, of course, is in Las Vegas; but you don’t need to get on a plane to see what Faraday Future has to offer.

Faraday Future will be live streaming the event on their website. Here’s the live stream:

The Timings

If you would like to go on a journey with Faraday Future, and see what they have to show – to just to drool over it – below are the timings.

  • Sydney – 1 PM, 4th of January
  • Tokyo – 11 AM, 4th of January
  • Beijing – 10 AM, 4th of January
  • Dhaka – 8 AM, 4th of January
  • New Delhi – 7:30 AM, 4th of January
  • Islamabad – 7 AM, 4th of January
  • Riyadh – 5 AM, 4th of January
  • Moscow – 5 AM, 4th of January
  • Cape Town – 4 AM, 4th of January
  • Rome – 3 AM, 4th of January
  • Paris – 3 AM, 4th of January
  • London – 2 AM, 4th of January
  • Brasília – 12 AM, 4th of January
  • New York – 9 PM, 3rd of January
  • Houston – 8 PM, 3rd of January
  • Denver – 7 PM, 3rd of January
  • San Francisco – 6 PM, 3rd of January
  • Honolulu – 4 PM, 3rd of January

If none of these cities match your time zone, you can use this handy time zone converter.

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