CES 2017: Here’s all the keynotes to look out for next week

It’s that time of the year once again; CES 2017 begins next week, and the consumer tech companies just cannot resist teasing us with what they will have on offer come 2017.

CES starts on 5th of January and continues until 8th of January; however, continuing the age-old tradition, many companies will have their keynotes right before CES and right after CES.

The List

It is often noticed that the arrow of time accelerates during the chaotic week of CES.

There never is enough time to cover everything that happens at CES; the least we can do is highlight the important keynotes.

Down below, is a list. The list will show you the date and time of every keynote that is going to happen right before CES, right after CES, and everything in between.

All times below are for the folks in Las Vegas; you can click on the times to convert them to your time zone.

That’s a lot of keynotes to keep track of.

HTC, meanwhile, has announced an event for 12th of January – after CES is over – but hasn’t announced the time or venue. If it’s not in Las Vegas, it doesn’t count as a part of CES, in which case it will disappear off the list.

As things become clearer, we will update this list – do come back to check it out every so often.

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