CCleaner 5 Review: Remove PC junk files and clear disk space in Windows

Cleaning your PC from time to time is pretty important to make sure that your Windows PC. Doing this makes sure that your PC is always running smoothly with no lags and hiccups. Now, there are a lot of temporary files which gets created on your Windows PC and you don’t even know about it. Well, sure you can clean these files up yourself if you know how to do. But that will probably take a lot of time even if you are someone who knows much about Windows PCs. 

Well, this is where cleaning tools come into play. Talking about PC Cleaning Programs, CCleaner is hands down the best and one of the most popular junk files remover for Windows PC. It has been there for quite a while now and still holds pretty good. Well, the CCleaner recently revealed their CCleaner 5 which is the latest version of the program. Today, in this post, we would be reviewing the CCleaner 5 to see if its the best Junk File Cleaner out there. Now if that sounds interesting, let us hop right into it. Should we?

CCleaner 5 Review

Well, there is a built-in Disk Cleanup Utility in the Windows Operating System, though it does the job pretty decent, we can’t really say that it is perfect when it comes to cleaning junk files. Well, the CCleaner offers a lot more features than this Disk Cleanup utility. Also, we can’t really deny the fact that CCleaner is much easier and faster to use. Let us begin the review by taking a look at the Design and Interface of the CCleaner 5. Should we? 

Design and User Experience

The CCleaner 5 comes with an all-new modern and clean User Interface which is also pretty easy to use. We must say that the developers have done a pretty great job here. As soon as you start the program on your PC, the very first thing which you’ll notice is an Analyze button which is used to analyze the junk files on your PC which can be cleaned up in order to free some of the space on your Hard Disk Drive or SSD. 

You can then simply select the files which you no longer need. And that’s it! The CCleaner will remove the files almost instantaneously. Anyways, getting back to the User Experience, we can definitely say that CCleaner 5 is one of the easiest Disk Cleaner utility which has a great modern design. 


A tool might have the best design out there, but if it does not does the job for what it is meant to be, then that tool is not worthy at all. Well, fortunately enough, this is not the fact with the CCleaner since it does comes with a lot of amazing features. These features include but are not limited to:

  • Uninstall: The users can easily uninstall multiple programs or apps from their Windows PC. All you need to do is simply click on the Uninstaller option, select the programs and apps which you no longer need from the list and then click on the Uninstall button. That’s it! The CCleaner will do the rest. 
  • Software Updater: Updating your Softwares to the latest version not only ensures the security, but it also makes sure that your computer is up to date with the Performance improvements and reliability. With the latest version of CCleaner, the users can look for an update for software which is installed on your PC. 
  • Startup: Does your PC takes a lot of time to start? Well, if your answer was Yes, then the chances are that there are way more programs which run at the startup of your Windows PC. With CCleaner 5, you can manage and disable the unneeded programs at the startup. 
  • Browser Plugins: Are you using way more Extensions on Google Chrome? Do you know that using more of these extensions can slow down the speed of your browser? This utility program also does a great job of managing browser plugins. 
  • Disk Analyzer: This feature helps in analyzing the space on your Disk. Not only this, but it will also tell what is taking much space on your disk. You may have a lot of pictures, videos, or documents. This tool will tell you all of that.
  • Duplicate Finder: Have you ever been fed up of the same stuff which is more than once on your computer? Maybe you have the same image three times on your computer which is useless. CCleaner 5 can look for these duplicate files and clean the copies which are not needed.
  • System Restore: If you have done something which you want to revert back, then this System Restore feature will definitely help you a lot. This is a lifesaver when you have deleted some important data from your computer. 
  • Drive Wiper: Wanna clean the whole Drive of your computer? Well, the CCleaner got you covered. You can clean or wipe all the data of your disk drive in just a single click with the help of the CCleaner 5.

Other features include:

  • Automatic Cleaning
  • Updates
  • Automatic Protection
  • Improved Cleaning.
  • Bug fixes.
  • and more.


CCleaner comes in four different versions. These are:

  • CCleaner Free: As the name suggests, this is a free version of the CCleaner. However, do note that this version is only for those who want to use CCleaner on their personal computers for personal use only. To be honest, this version is more than enough for most of the personal computers.
  • CCleaner Professional: offers more cleaning options, real-time junk monitoring, automatic history cleaning, and automatic updating options. It costs $24.95.
  • CCleaner Professional Plus: offers Defragmentation, File Recovery & Hardware Analysis functions and more. It costs just $39.95.
  • CCleaner Business Edition: for every business and can be installed on multiple endpoints. It costs $29.44. 

So that’s it guys, this was our review for the CCleaner 5. All in all, it is a great pack which comes in a modern user interface, offers amazing features and is easy to use. Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments section below. 

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