Candleman launches as an exclusive for the Xbox One

This quirky puzzle platformer by Spotlighter Interactive originally released last year, just in China. Following that, the game is now finally available to purchase worldwide on the Xbox One for all players.

The game revolves around a candle with legs, who is trying to make his way towards a lighthouse. Obviously, this is not an easy task for the Candleman to achieve, as he must traverse through perilous terrain solving puzzles while trying to avoid other dangers that lay in the dark, keeping him from reaching his destination.

Managing the candle

The Chinese developer’s original idea for Candleman came out from a Ludum Dare in 2013; where they had to develop a game around the theme “10 seconds” within 48 hours.

This is where the interesting gameplay mechanic of using the light of Candleman in limited quantities surfaced from; while players can light the candle’s flame to see their surroundings, it only lasts a meager 10 seconds per level. Since players need the candle light to trigger game events for progressing, it is a hard resource to manage.

However, there is also a bright side (well, a dark side) to using up the candle as well. The more wax that the candle loses while burning the flame, the lighter and agiler he will get. Essentially forcing players to use up their valuable 10 seconds of flame, without having them hoard it for later use, to get through areas that were inaccessible before; further making the game’s candle management a primary gameplay mechanic instead of an optional gimmick for players to use.

The game consists of 36 levels with each of them providing interesting puzzles for the player, without becoming overly complicated. So for any Xbox One owners that are looking to do some casual platforming while helping out a candle with legs, this is the perfect time to pick up Candleman and give it a go.

Candleman is now available exclusively on the Xbox One console for $15 through the Microsoft Store. Although Spotlighter Interactive is looking to release Candleman for other platforms, we don’t expect this to happen anytime soon.

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