Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare gets its first map pack Sabotage in 2017

Activision’s newest Call of Duty is getting its first DLC pack named Sabotage, soon. Well, soon-ish depending on the platform you play on.

Included in the Sabotage pack are some new multiplayer maps as usual for Call of Duty DLC. Along with a new zombie map with the cast from Zombies in Spaceland coming back for a new adventure.


The four maps included in the DLC are vastly different from each other. Say goodbye to the days of Call of Duty’s familiar war zones.

The first map, Noir is set in Brooklyn in the far future. Made with open areas and flanking based combat with the classic three-lane design.

The Renaissance map goes the opposite way; a figure-eight style small map for fast-paced action with plenty of choke points.

Neon takes players into a digital arena made for battle simulations. Sporting a “Z” shaped design perfect for sniping; killed enemies will also disintegrate into pixels for that extra digital touch.

Finally the Dominion map, sure to spark memories for fans of the series. “Afgan” from Modern Warfare 2 has gotten a remake; the map now takes place on Mars, keeping the same layout as before; players can take advantage of Infinite Warfare’s movement system to uncover new paths, however.


For the co-op crowd, Sabotage also includes a new zombie experience. Named Rave of the Redwoods, the map moves away from the base game’s 80s theme to the 90s.

Featuring an abandoned lakeside camp straight out of a classic horror movie, players will be fighting regular zombies along with the new “Zombie Ravers.”

Activision promises plenty of spooks and surprises for us to find. Surely pleasing all the Easter Egg hunters the popular game mode has spawned.


The Sabotage DLC pack will be on sale for $15 on release and is also a part of Infinite Warfare’s $49.99 season pass. Available on the Microsoft Store, Steam, and the PlayStation Store.

There’s a tiny detail about the release date, however, as a timed-exclusive deal, the DLC will come to the PS4 on January 31st. With Xbox One and PC players getting hold of the pack sometime in February.

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